Moslash Custom Knives
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Moslash Custom Knives

custom knives, stag handles  Stag Handled Custom Knife with Silver Pins
Ivory handled custom knife Ivory Handled Custom Knife with Silver Pins
Drop Point Caper
custom knives, silver pins Stag Handled Custom Knife with Silver Pins
Hunter Skinner Custom Knives

Matching Hunter and Skinner Custom Knives
with Micarta Handles

Filet, Boning Knives
Filet and Boning Knives
Utility Knives Utility Knives
Sheaths, Custom Knives

Your custom knife will come with a pouch style sheath, which I make. Examples of custom knives with the sheaths I make are shown at right. My sheaths are plain but very practical.

If you prefer, a more custom case can be made by one of a few leather guys I could suggest.