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handmade knife patternsThese are just a few of the handmade knife patterns I do. I can also make a knife from your own knife design. Please contact me for details on how to do this.

All knives at the present are made from ATS-34 Steel. They are heat treated with two tempers by me. I do have a good stock of A2, D2 and O1 steel, but for now I prefer to use ATS-34

You may order your knife with the following handle material, Ivory, stag, micarta, buffalo horn, stellar sea cow, and wood.

Your knife will also come with a pouch style sheath, which I make. Or if you prefer, a more custom case can be made by one of a few leather guys that I could suggest. My sheaths are plain but very practical.

Prices depend on knife style, file work or handle material.

$100.00 and up.

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Handmade Knife File Patterns

I also do hand embellishments on knives. This is called file-work. I use hand files to cut a design into the thumb area or cover the whole knife profile (edge) with file-work. I can also do your initials. Here are some examples of my file work.

Knife File Patterns     Knife File Patterns     Doodlebug Knife File Pattern