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I have received the knife and only one word to describe - Fantastic. It feels great in the hand and I love the reversed moslash in the blade. Plan on taking it out to the sand dunes this weekend to give it a once over.
Thanks again and hope to be buying from you again in the future.


Hi Gary,

My knife arrived today (well, technically yesterday, I can't sleep) and it's been on my hip ever since I retrieved it from the mailbox after work.

First, I want to thank you for the hand written note you sent along with the knife. I'm a sentimental guy, so I really do appreciate the time taken to write a brief letter...especially in an age when like acts are seldom seen.

Now the knife, the knife is high art my friend. It's the flawless combination of old world craftsmanship and aesthetic wisdom. I can't stop staring at it, can't stop holding feels like an extension of my hand. Great sheath as well. I love all of the finish details that separate this knife from others, down to the "32". I was not surprised to find that 32 on the knife, in fact, it helped to explain the ridiculously high level of skill & design execution. This is truly a master-class in knife making. Gary, I own a lot of fixed blade knives (I have a sickness), and really, they are all wonderful pieces...a handful of them are exceptional. I have just by found my newest exceptional piece and I thank you for it sir.

I very much look forward to my next Moslash knife (like I said, I'm a sick man and I cannot stop). Thank you again my man - Scott Sherman.

I'm the old guy you taught how to weave the para-cord at the show. Used the knife I bought from you at the show during the last hunting season on several animals and it is without a doubt the best knife I have ever used. Runs circles around knives four times the money.
Thanks Again,
John Andrews

I received a Moslash knife as a gift. What a great tool. The very special stag handle fits my hand perfectly and is a pleasure to use. I will never use another.

William J. Paul,
Taunton Truss Inc.
Wewahitchka, Florida

I ordered a knife from you through Mac's gun shop in Tyler Tx. Been needing to thank you but just hadn't found time. The knife is great. Thanks

Scott Turner Tyler Tx

In the fall of 2007, I was introduced to the MoSlash Knives website. The site piqued my interest because I have been collecting knives for the past 45 years. I have always had a preference for handmade, one of a kind knives as I feel that they are usually representative of the character of the knife-maker.

After contacting Gary through the website e-mail address, I made arrangements to travel to the MoSlash Knife Company manufacturing facility. This experience was different than most of my previous encounters with custom knife-makers. Gary spent the better part of an entire afternoon showing me his knives and allowing me to offer input as to what I liked and disliked when looking for a custom knife. In addition, Gary allowed me to tour his shop while he explained each phase of the process. At the end of the day I was sold and commissioned Gary to manufacture three knives which I planned to give to my business partners during the holidays. My partners, as I, are avid hunters and upon receiving their knives were very impressed with the detail work that went into the creation of the knives. The knife blade sharpness is amazing.

I was very happy with the result of the work and later approached Gary about the possibility of commissioning three more knives. These were intended for my two brothers and myself. Time was short and the holidays were just around the corner and I was concerned that Gary could deliver in time for me to ship the knives to my brothers. Gary assured me that he could meet the tight manufacturing schedule. Gary actually delivered the knives ahead of his promised deadline. My brothers were equally impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail. The custom file-work on each of the knives has been the best that I‘ve ever seen, especially when you understand that all of the file-work is done off-hand with no jigs or fixtures.

As the proud owner of one of Gary’s custom knives, I consider the knife to be a work of art and I feel that I have something that is irreplaceable.

This letter is my personal recommendation for MoSlash Knives and Gary Lunsford. If you are looking for a custom, handmade knife that will last a lifetime, then you should contact Gary at MoSlash Knives.

Mac Jones
Panama City, FL
January 2008

Gary's keen eye for designing a custom working knife clearly shows through his impeccable work; truly is the best knife I've bought in years, and look forward to owning more in the near future!

Todd Hibbs,
Command Sergeant Major of the Florida Ranger Camp, US Army

I have been a collector for years, and own knives made by "famous" makers. Gary's knives compare to these great makers in every way except one: price. Gary prices his knives for the working man who will actually use them. You won't regret buying a knife from Gary. He guarantees his work, and I guarantee you'll be pleased.

Bill Jones
Lynn Haven, Florida

custom hunting knifeHere in Western South Dakota, hunting big game has been an important part of my life for 35 years. I met Gary in 2005 and bought one of his knives in '06, a drop point hunter with buffalo horn scales and a unique rope pattern on the tang. I used this knife on three deer, an elk and 2 buffalo and I can honestly say I have never owned a knife that held an edge like my MoSlash. Splitting pelvic bones and skinning buffalo only required a few licks on a steel and the knife was ready for the next job. I liked it so much I ordered four more and gave them as gifts to others that appreciate the quality and uniqueness that Gary delivers. Try one, you'll see what I mean. I can't wait to try out my new ivory scaled hunter, it is scary sharp. Thanks Gary.

Rob Powell
Rapid City, South Dakota

Ivory Hunting Knife
Here is a pic of a nice whitetail I got last Thursday. The ivory Moslash hunter worked great!